Friday, June 14, 2019

Supply List 2019-2020

PreK Supply List

Here is the supply list for our classroom this year:

*We will be doing a weekly cooking project associated with our Letter of the Week, so we are asking for $10 from each child to help purchase all the ingredients for these projects!

*Boys - 100 plastic spoons, Girls - 100 plastic forks

*3 packages Clorox or Lysol Wipes

*1 package of baby wipes

*1 roll paper towels

*1 small pack of 8 crayons (Crayola strongly preferred!)

*1 box of Crayola 10 Classic Colors Markers

*1 box of basic colored pencils

*1 set of basic watercolor paints (with brush)

*1 1", 3 ring binder with your child's name on the spine (marker or tape works or you can personalize it any way you want!)

*1 Bed roll (if your child is full day) - We work on self help skills
and these are great for self-sufficient rest set up and clean up!  
They should have the pillow, blanket and rest area all-in-one.  

Please note that our class does wear the CKS uniform, so be

sure to check the uniform closet or order your uniforms
before the start of school.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I do check my

email ( throughout the summer and will
reply as soon as I can!

I look forward to a fabulous new year with you and your kiddos!

Shannon Zachary
PreK Teacher

Thursday, October 5, 2017

All About PreK

About the PreK Classroom 

We are a Kindergarten Readiness classroom here at CKS.  What does this mean?  This means we work with your child(ren) to establish and foster the important skills needed to succeed in later schooling!  Our emphasis is on social/emotional growth, self-help skills, executive functioning skills and overall teaching kiddos how to best behave in a loving, Catholic school environment! 

A Look Inside the Room

Members of our classroom community have access to a daily blog which features pictures, updates on classroom and school wide events and a starting point for conversations with your child based on what was done in our room each day.

About Mrs. Zachary  

Hello, and welcome to the PreK at Christ the King School!  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Shannon Zachary and I am entering my eighth year here in the Early Ed Department. I was previously the teacher of the Nestlings (also known as Bridge) class.  Catholic education has always been important to both me and my family.  My sisters and I all graduated from Rice and my mother was a teacher, principal and later assistant superintendent in Vermont's Catholic schools.  That commitment to Catholic education carried over into college as well, as I graduated from Providence College with a degree in Political Science and St. Mike's for my Teacher Licensure Program.  

love preschoolers and their unique outlook on the world, the way they handle the immense learning curve they are on and the fact that my job involves singing, hugs and hilarious comments daily.  In our classroom you will often hear music and laughter, but not to worry, there is plenty of learning going on too!  :)

When not at school, I love spending time with my husband Vinnie (a classmate from Rice) and our two daughters Calla and Delia (both are here at CKS starting this year!).  My hopes for the year are that we have fun while we learn and that your kiddos and families will love CKS as much as I do!  

Supply List 2019-2020

PreK Supply List Here is the supply list for our classroom this year: *We will be doing a weekly cooking project associated with ou...